How Discounts Offers Works

Discount Offers also Provides additional cashback to the online shopping which the online shopping already exits in the present market.

1.To Earn Discount offers Cashback the person has to ensure and get redirected to the store only via the discount link and make the purchase.

2.Once the Purchase is Completed it will be tracked with in 48 Hours and the cashback is added to your pending balance.

3.Stores wait for the Return and Exchange period to be over before giving us the final conformation.The process usually takes 4- 8 weeks depending on the store.

4.Once the Final Conformation is received from the merchant your Pending cashback is made available for you use.

5.Cashback earned from discount offers your money and can be used for wallets, can be transfer to your Bank Account.

NOTE : Amount added to your pending balance is indicative and may change upon final conformation from the store.

The Offers given to us by the store are only Valid for a limited duration or  until promotion lasts.(This happens in some cases only) When the offer reaches its Expiration date,we automatically remove it from our website and apps.)

The Offers given to us by the store are only valid for a limited duration or until promotion lasts.(it will happen in some cases only) When the offer reaches its expiration date,we automatically remove it from our website and apps.

It is done to ensure that you have an all around experience and do not attempt to use offers which longer works.

Cashback Facts

To get idea on cashback particular Stores or categories on coupons it will display option (View Details) there you will get full information.   

Pending Cashback traced amounts are indicative and can change upon final conformation from store.When the transaction is tracked most of stores will not provide us to all the information required to accurately to track cashback. For Example Myntra cashback will depends on whether you are a new user or an old user at myntra,and also many other plaftorms like app,mobile web,desktop etc.How ever,During tracking the merchants do not give information,which is why we cannot always accurately estimate your cashback.     

There are Some Stores which do not provide any cashbacks.In such cases we will mention the details on the coupon.

Once your Cashback is Cancelled by the stores/retailer we will remove it from the pending balance.Its Final. 

Balance is the amount that you can withdrawn immediately whenever minimum amount reaches. Pending Balance or Approval Contains Amount that you earned but can’t yet redeem. your pending balance contains amounts from purchases made at cashback stores.It should be Conformed from the Stores.   

Cash Back Issues

  • The Customer has to login with the User Name and password provided by the discount offers.
  • Generally it takes 48 Hours for Cashback to get tracked by the Stores to track Sales.
  • In Case your transaction was not tracked after 48 hrs to 72 hrs file a Missing cashback for the transaction which was not tracked.

 Details for Missing Cashback Claims   

  • Store /Retailer Name
  • Date of Purchase
  • Transaction Name
  • Order Tran Ref ID

Any Other Details which you have to help the retailers to track your transaction. 

In Some Cases Customers has to wait for long time for his Cashback due to return or damage of Product,Exchange of the Product.it will take 6 – 10 weeks to get Conformation from the stores and cashback will be updated.  

Common Reasons are Cashback is declined 

  • If the order cancelled
  • If the order returned or partially returned.
  • The Order Exchange or Partially Exchanged.
  • If the Order was paid for Using a gift Code or Gift Voucher.
  • The Order was paid for Using Cash on Delivery.
  • The Order Might have been classified as bulk order from a Wholesaler or travel agent etc.
  • The Order did not comply with the Store’s Cashback Policy.
  • Sometimes Stores do not Provide us any Specific reason for declining the Cashback.In Such Cases a Missing Cashback Claim can be filed and we will do our best of find the reason for cancellation of cashback.

Note : The Store holds sole discretion in determining the validity of the cashback transaction.       


  1. You Should be logged into Discount Offers Account.
  2. Ensure that you are shopping at a Store that offers Discounts offers Rewards Cashback.
  3. When the Customer Clicks on the Selected Store and Click on the Selected Coupon (or) Click on Activate deal (or) Coupon Code (or) any other options available in Discount offers.in It will navigate retailers or Stores page then you Should buy your product Successfully.
  4. Then your Cashback will be updated with in (24 to 48) Hrs.

In this Cases we are Unable to Clam in your Cashback without any Proof of Purchase.

To track Cashback on your Shopping transaction,we Suggest you Completely disable ad blocking software (or)Chrome Plugin or Firefox Plugin during the shopping time. 

Wait for 48 Hours to 72 Hours after the Transaction is Made.In  Cases Where transaction was not tracked  even after 72 Hours,We recommend that you file a missing cashback through mail/Ticket.Information required by us in the missing cashback form is critical for the store to review the transaction.

We Don’t have an option for bulk upload of missing transactions,we have claim needs to be individually filed.   


Cashback earned from Discountsoffers.in is a life time validity.you can with drawl your cashback to you paytm wallets or Bank Account.

Note : Rewards Points Earned from Flipkart will not be transferred to bank accounts only to Paytm Wallets. 

The Minimum with drawl limit is Rs 300/- for all kinds of payments.

To Withdraw your Balance

  • Select Method of withdraw,bank or Wallets.
  • Fill all the Details of Wallet and bank Details in Profile Section.
  • Select the Payment Method after reaching Minimum amount 300.withdrwal scrren
  • User has to Withdrwal Complete Amount what you have Earned.After With drawling the amount We will remove the transactions and payment request after the transfer of your cashback amount to bank account or paytm.(We will give the information through mail and Dashboard Payment Coloum.) 
  • We will Follow up all payment details.

Note : Bank Transfers take between 5 -7 Business days to reflect in your account.  


At Present Flipkart will not allow with draw of cashback to a bank account. If any Stores are not allowing cashback we will display on appropriate in coupons or Deals.  

we are sorry for this issue for facing this problem with your withdrwal.Please Contact for our Customer care team at Support@discountsoffers.in for solving the issue.

Sorry,we do not allow transfer of balance from one discountsoffers account to another.

We are sorry for facing this problem with your withdrawal.Please Reach our Customer care at Support@discountsoffers.in for resolving this issue.  

Bank Details

First Name : Enter Your Name

Last Name : Enter Your Sir Name

Note: All Details Should be Enter as Per Bank Passbook. ( Eg: Some Cases In First Name they Will Enter Sir Name and Last Name they will enter their Name. You have Enter details as per Bank pass Book only.)  

In Discountsoffers.in there are different payment Methods are available.You have Go to Users->Edit Scroll down in you will see the payment details block there you have to fill all the details.    

You Have Enter Bank Details Properly With out any Mistakes

1. Name of Bank : Enter you Bank Name as your Passbook.

2. Bank Code  : Bank IFSC Code 

3. Account Number : Mention Your account Number and Name {Eg:- 5604321458709 (Saving Account or Current Account) }

4. Name of Account : Mention Account holder Name as Per Passbook

PayTm ID :-  Mention Your Paytm Wallet Mobile Number. (Mention Your First Name and  Last Name as per Paytm).

Paypal Email Address :- Here you have Mention your paypal email address. (Mention Your First Name and  Last Name as per Paypal )

Account Issues

User has Signup with Facebook,Gmail or Sigup Option.If you are Using Login/Sigup with Gmail/FB it will navigate to Gmail/FB account you have allow the permissions,then it will login to your discountsoffers.in account. User has change the Password in profile Section If user has created with Sigup option you have fill details what it has been asked click on submit,then you will get one mail to your Email id with username and password to you,with that username and password you can login to your account.  

User has Login to Discountsoffers.in Account and Enter into Profile Section there will email section you can update your current email id. 

User has Login to discountsoffers.in account,there will be Dashboard Panel you can see all the options like Dashboard, Profile,Cashback–>Overview, Clicks,Transactions, Bonuses,Withdrwals.

No,it Comes to saving on your online purchases with Discounts offers,One Account is More than enough !.

Note : Creation of multiple accounts is considered inappropriate activity and it may lead to cancellation of Cashback /Bonuses. 

When New User has Created the account,We are Recommended to Change Password from Profile Section.  

If the User has Enter Wrong password after 3 Successful attempts it will Locked.Due to User Security we have Limited to 3 attempts. After Half Hour it will automatically unlocked.If your Forgotten password please Reset the password then it will send Password Reset mail to you.If it is not seen in inbox please see in the spam or Junk you will get it there.Or Mail Us to Support@discountsoffers.in we will reset your password to you.  

Here we can activate two-factor authentication please follow these steps

Step1: Go to Profile Section
Step2: Scroll down to the bottom there you will see Two Factor Options in that there will 4 options you can select any of these options but we recommend use first two options See in Picture

2factor authecation

Option 1: if we select this option it will send the code to the email. For every time you login it will send the code that code should be entered after login.   

Option 2: if we select this option you have to download the google authenticator app from play store and install it and open the google authenticator app scan the barcode from the profile section it will show the code enter that code in the authentication code block and click on submit it will be linked to your mobile phone and your discountoffers.in account. When you login to discountsoffers.in after enter your login credentials it will ask for code open your google authenticator app it will show your code enter the code within 30 secs, if you not enter it will expire again it will show another code like that it will go, you have entered code with 30 seconds only.

Option 3 : if you select this option you have inserted the USB device and click on register keys then it option will be enabled.

Option 4: if you select this option it will generate a few codes that codes should keep at one place. You have entered that code after you have a login.   




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