How Discounts Offers Works

Discount Offers also Provides additional cashback to the online shopping which the online shopping already exits in the present market.

1.To Earn Discount offers Cashback the person has top ensure and get redirected to the store only via the discount link and make the purchase.

2.Once the Purchase is Completed it will be tracked with in 48 Hours and the cashback is added to your pending balance.

3.Stores wait for the Return and Exchange period to be over before giving us the final conformation.The process usually takes 4- 8 weeks depending on the store.

4.Once the Final Conformation is received from the merchant your Pending cashback is made available for you use.

5.Cashback earned from discount offers your money and can be used for wallets, can be transfer to your Bank Account,Gift Vouchers.  

NOTE : Amount added to your pending balance is indicative and may change upon final conformation from the store.

D/O Voucher Rewards are Special Cashback that you get from Specified stores.These Stores us to allow     

The Offers given to us by the store are only Valid for a limited duration or  until promotion lasts.(This happens in some cases only) When the offer reaches its Expiration date,we automatically remove it from our website and apps.)