Now a days Dslr Cameras are becoming Very most Affordable prices to buy everyone. Nowadays DSLR Cameras are different types like Compact Digital Cameras, Digital SLR Cameras, Mirrorless Cameras, Action Cameras,360 Degree Cameras, Flim Cameras.

Compact Digital Cameras are easy to take a snapshot every easily without any professional knowledge of photography. It is Mostly User-Friendly cameras, it is easy to carry in the pocket, it doesn't require any lenses to the camera.      

DSLR Cameras are Very Professional it needs some knowledge about the cameras to handle take snapshots perfectly.we can change settings manually and auto mode also, it will very helpful for users.  

Mirrorless Cameras are the Latest technology professional Camera it will more compact than DSLR without any internal mirror refelts light into the sensor.

Flim Cameras are now outdated in the Present World, but in this Image Resolution is very large,it has cheap and good quality lenses.